Simply our best value Gainers formula featuring 50g of protein (never any individual amino acids, fillers or extenders used to overstate the labeled protein content....that's not how we roll) and 1,350 efficient, mass-fueling calories.

Posted On: 19th Dec, 2014

3-Week Hardcore Holiday Workout Blast! -

Posted On: 18th Dec, 2014

Our kind of vending machine.

Posted On: 17th Dec, 2014

Twinlab ProSeries athlete Garrett Sugg featured in our new print campaign in Mexico!

Posted On: 5th Dec, 2014

Supplement Company Of The Month: Twinlab -

Posted On: 3rd Dec, 2014

Twinlab VP Chris Thompson fuels his post-workout routine with BCAA Fuel Powder. Try it and you'll see why: great taste, 2:1:1 ratio, easy to mix hype-free formula, and easy on your wallet.

Posted On: 1st Dec, 2014

The Muscle Militia's Hardest Workouts Of The Year -

Posted On: 29th Nov, 2014

THE LATEST - Twinlab

Posted On: 28th Nov, 2014

Twinlab Militia Captain and sponsored athlete Garrett Sugg wants you to try our new BCAA Fuel!

Posted On: 24th Nov, 2014

It's here! New MCT Fuel is rolling out to retailers now. This concentrated healthy fat from coconut and palm kernel is formulated for energy, power, and weight loss. Available at now, The Vitamin Shoppe and other progressive retailers and rolling out quickly, everywhere.

Posted On: 19th Nov, 2014