One of our favorite flavors....mmmmmmmmm.......

Posted On: 27th Feb, 2015

Come meet one of our newest Militia Members Patrick Browne II a.k.a. @realblackhulk on Instagram, at the big show next week. Hope to see you there.

Posted On: 26th Feb, 2015

Milo getting some B-roll in for the upcoming Muscle Militia/ video. Shot at's amazing gym right in their brand new headquarters in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Posted On: 26th Feb, 2015

Behind the scenes at the video and photoshoot.

Posted On: 25th Feb, 2015

We look forward to seeing everyone coming to Columbus next month. Will you be there?

Posted On: 24th Feb, 2015

VP of Sales & Strategy Chris Thompson and our very own Jason Wheat take a moment to recognize Kelly C.’s amazing transformation – losing over 50 lbs since joining the Muscle Militia. Congrat’s Kelly! Follow her @leliboo on Instagram.

Posted On: 23rd Feb, 2015

Militia Member @_drewcampbell21 warms up before he tears it up.

Posted On: 21st Feb, 2015

3 MVP Arm Workouts: Build Strength, Add Size, And Get Shredded! -

Posted On: 20th Feb, 2015

Why not head over to to scoop up a great deal on our BCAA Fuel?

Posted On: 15th Feb, 2015

Twinlab added a new photo.

Posted On: 14th Feb, 2015